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Standard, concise, skeleton and jumbo grids
Standard crosswords consist of a grid of numbered squares and blanks 15 wide and 15 high. In the UK, standard crosswords are symmetrical about an imaginary line running from the bottom-left square to the top-right square, though other symmetries are possible e.g. left-right, top-bottom, dual or even none.

Concise crosswords are based on a standard crossword but with a smaller grid, typically 13 wide and 13 high.

Skeleton crosswords are based on a standard crossword with most of the numbers and blanks missing - the solver must complete the grid as well as the clues. Skeleton crosswords almost always use dual symmetry to make the grid easier to complete.

Jumbo crosswords are based on a standard crossword but with a larger grid, typically 23 wide and 23 high.

Standard and/or cryptic clues
Standard clues are typically straightforward synonyms of the answer, whereas cryptic clues use a variety of techniques from which the solver must "work out" the answer.

Regular and shaped layouts
Most crosswords consist of a square grid. However, other 'novelty' shapes are available e.g. non-square rectangles, circles, diamonds, Christmas trees etc

General knowledge and themed
Typically, crossword clues are a random collection of words from the dictionary. However, the collection of words can be tailored to match a particular theme of your choosing. Alternatively, you can provide us with a collection of words to include.

On-line interactive puzzles
Typically, puzzles are delivered as image files which can be imported into your desktop publishing software. We can also create online versions which can be incorporated into your website. These are Java applets, which means that they will work in most modern Internet browsers.

Fully managed competitions
We provide a fully managed competition service which can be tailored to your specific requirements, including a PO Box where solvers can send their entries. Contact us for further information.